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Hormonix Highlights

With top talent bolstering the team, new partnerships, coveted award wins and women’s performance accolades, it’s been a busy time for the Hormonix team. Here’s a quick-fire round-up of the top news stories both in and outside the lab

  1. CELEBRATE: EIS wins at the Sports Industry Awards 2022 with Hormonix 

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) won the coveted Cutting Edge Award for its work with Hormonix at this year’s Sports Industry Awards – hailed as the international mark of excellence in sport-tech. 

The winning SmartHERcampaign spotlights the power of playing to the strengths of the female body and using real-time hormone data to improve performance for athletes across 8 different sports. 

“There’s currently nowhere near enough specific research or support available to elite female athletes and that’s something we’re trying to address with this campaign,” says co-Lead of Female Health and Performance at the EIS, Dr Richard Burden. “We know that Hormonix has the potential to change how female athletes train for the better.” 

The win comes after a 5-year collaboration and will no doubt take the partnership to new heights. 

  1. NEW PARTNERSHIP: Hormonix and Venezia FC set to change the game in Italy

Venezia FC is the first women’s team in Italy to benefit from Hormonix’ health and wellbeing tech. “We’re really excited to bring the benefits of Hormonix to series A football and to help improve the wellness and performance of their female players,” says Mint Diagnostics CEO Stefano Borini.

“We’re very proud to be the first club in the country to offer such a unique opportunity for wellness and performance optimisation through a better management of the menstrual cycle,” says Grazia Trentin, Head of Women Venezia FC. 

  1. NEW TO THE TEAM: Two leaders in hormone-science research join the Hormonix mission

Testament to Hormonix ongoing investment in the women’s health and hormone space, we welcome two leaders in their field: Professor Hugh Montgomery OBE and Prof. Anthony Hackney.

Hugh joined in December ‘21 as Chairman. He is the Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL and discovered the first-ever gene related to fitness. “Healthcare needs to be democratised. Allowing access to hormone analysis will help provide individuals with data relevant to their health and wellbeing, without needing to see a doctor first.”

Tony’s expertise on endocrine and metabolic responses to physical stresses, such as exercise, will strengthen the Hormonix mission and bolster the team’s expertise in hormone data collection and interpretation.

“It’s this kind of talent and expertise that will help take Hormonix to new levels in female athletes support”  says Stefano Borini CEO at Hormonix. 

  1. LISTEN IN: Hormonix’s Dr Emma Ross speaks out on award-winning podcast 

Our consultant in women’s health and physiology, Dr Emma Ross is spreading the word about women’s body literacy and hormone science in a new podcast, The Game Changers – powered by women’s sport collective Fearless Women. 

“We’ve done a pretty good job of pretending that girls in sport don’t have periods. We don’t talk about their breasts and their pelvic floors. We silence or ignore that so that we can concentrate on these women being powerful and strong, but how much opportunity are we missing by ignoring the bits of our female bodies that we don’t talk about?” says Emma to podcast host, Sue Anstiss.

Tune in here to find out about the challenges facing male coaches working with young female athletes and why finally getting real about women’s bodies across sport will benefit us all.

  1. UPDATE: Manchester City finish third in the Women’s Super League

Hormonix kicked off our relationship with Manchester City Women’s Team in June 2021 and saw players including England and City captain, Steph Houghton, leverage our real-time hormonal data to tailor their training and nutrition to their menstrual cycles.

“The way the game is going, especially women’s football, it’s getting to that high level where all these little details are going to count when it comes to winning leagues and winning trophies and the Champion’s League,” Steph told Sky Sports last year. “We want to embrace it and use it to enhance our performances on and off the pitch.”
Now, after an emotional FA Cup final, the team finish just 9 points off the winning Chelsea team. Collectively, City had their most successful season in front of goal (an impressive ratio of 3 goals per match across the season), and with 10 City players named in the Euro 2022 provisional 28-woman squad, here’s why we’re betting on marginal but powerful gains for winning results.

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