Hormone monitoring made simple

The least invasive hormone profiles on the market – all done with saliva with no lab visits

Who we support

We’re proud of the results we’ve delivered for our partners.

Sports clubs and

Enhancing performance, creating marginal gains and protecting the long-term health of female athletes and teams.

Wellness service

Providing convenient at-home saliva collection to support menstrual-cycle and stress management.


Hormone testing and analysis for preventative and long-term health, reduced stress and increased performance.

A new world of possibilities in the field of women’s performance

Hormonix is the only platform designed to make hormone monitoring simple for elite sport teams. With Hormonix you can:

Track hormone levels on a regular basis with no hassle for anyone

Identify menstrual cycle phases in a precise way

Correlate self-reported symptoms to menstrual cycle phases

Identify deviations from standard hormonal profiles

Flag potential hormonal imbalances and energy deficiency

Engage athletes and staff in conversations about the menstrual cycle and performance

Support discussions with nutritionists on energy availability for each individual athlete

Proven benefits

Our next-generation monitoring, analytics and data visualisation enables optimised wellness and performance, whatever the goal.

Improved athlete performance

  • Review and understand hormone profiles and physiology
  • Help prevent illness and injury
  • Identify the onset of RED-S earlier
  • Monitor training impact and help athletes recover smarter
  • Ensure less days lost to training

Preventative female
health and wellness

  • Get a full profile of the menstrual cycle and hormones
  • Identify hormonal imbalance at an earlier stage
  • Monitor effectiveness of wellness interventions
  • Optimise interventions by measuring hormones 

The technology: a snapshot

Revolutionising the way we collect and give context to female hormone data.

Get set up in 3 simple steps.

Select a collection programme, onboard participants and we’ll send out the kits.

At-home saliva collection.

Saliva sampling for oestradiol and progesterone begins. With 20 tests over each menstrual cycle, we deliver the most comprehensive salivary hormone profiles on the market.

Symptom tracking.

Cycle symptoms are recorded via our Hormonix mobile app. These are overlaid onto hormone data for comparison and analysis.


Saliva tests are analysed with a fast turnaround time, using CE IVD testing kits.

and context.

We generate a report to give context to the data and give you the opportunity to discuss with our expert team of physiologists.

Meet the experts behind the physiology

It has given me the confidence to go into competitions and not worry about where I am in my hormone cycle. And to know that I am fuelling correctly and to trust that I can perform at the best of my ability now, any time, which is exciting.”   

Jess Varley

– Pentathlon GB athlete

Hormonix has enabled us to provide athletes with more precise and individualised support. At the same time, it has accelerated our understanding of how the menstrual cycle influences athletes, helping us to protect their health and performance in both the short and long term.

Richard Burden

– English Institute of Sport

The ease of sampling at home and the ability to sample frequently across the menstrual cycle mean that Hormonix can give me a direct window into the hormonal characteristics of the cycle. No assumptions or predictions; actual hormone data right across the cycle.

Dr Emma Ross

– Female Health and Performance Expert

Hormonix is a true game changer, especially when monitoring menstrual irregularities related to sport such as amenorrhoea. Previously, when we used blood tests, our data capture was more intrusive and less frequent, so the information used was often less complete.

Dr Anita Biswas

– Sports medicine advisor

Want to unlock the power of hormone monitoring?

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