Returning your saliva samples to Hormonix

Toggle the instructions below to ensure that your samples are packed correctly and reach us in perfect condition!

All your samples collected throughout your collection period should remain in the freezer until immediately before packaging your samples for collection. Please ensure that any last-minute samples that you have collected have been in the freezer for at least 4 hours and are frozen before packing.

Important!  Ensure that your frozen samples are packed inside the freezer storage bag and the absorbent pad is also inside the bag. 

Ensure that you have the shipping box with a returns postage label affixed to the side.

Here's a checklist of all the things you should have for returning your samples to Hormonix:

  1. Your saliva samples!
  2. Freezer Storage Bag, including absorbent pad inside
  3. Shipping box, with returns postage label

If you are missing any materials, please contact your coordinator or the Hormonix Lab Team who will be able to help.

All your samples should be sealed within the freezer storage bag together with the absorbent pad.

Place the freezer storage bag inside the returns box.

Unpeel the liner from the adhesive peel strip and seal the shipping box securely

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